Wendy C Photography

Wedding Photography:
At parties, many people bring along their cell phones and snap photos; some hosts leave disposable cameras on the tables so that their relatives and friends can take pictures. While these tactics work for documenting certain affairs, they are not the best ones to use at a wedding. Instead of relying on amateur skills, hire a professional wedding photographer when you’re planning your nuptials. Read More Here

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Nashville Wedding Photographer: Wendy C. Photography is a stylish, new and fast rising addition to the wedding photography industry. Her wedding photography is all about being in the moment. Wendy shoots from the heart, so the images that she captures show the very essence of a person’s emotion and personality! Being able to focus on every single moment and react almost instantly to every situation during a wedding is important! Sometimes anticipating and reacting a split second before something fabulous happens is necessary, and since Wendy shoots from the heart she has mastered this ability! It takes more than seeing with eyes. One must be able to see with her heart in order to produce fabulous, emotion filled wedding photographs! Wendy loves weddings because they are filled with so much emotion, and she feels honored to be invited to be a part of the most amazing day in a couple’s life and to be able to share that with them.